Project management in Africa

project management in africa

A2I International accompanies public and private contractors in the planning and monitoring of projects in Africa.

Our mission

Plan, support and monitor the implementation of projects to bring them to a successful conclusion in the best conditions of cost, quality and time. 

Our approach aims to define the projects of our clients by : 

  • a roadmap that allows to preview the expected results,
  • realistic planning of successive and/or parallel phases,
  • anticipation of blocking and resistance points.

The roadmap defined with the client constitutes a commitment on our part on the means to be implemented to achieve the results defined in advance.

To achieve this, we develop an action plan based on the outcome, listing the conditions for completion, and assigning responsibilities to stakeholders.


The goal is to develop, in collaboration with the client teams, the project roadmap taking into account the scheduling and duration of tasks, intermediate milestones and final objective. The established schedule is not a simple means of communication, it is a real management tool. It is based on a proven methodology and follows specific rules.

Progress monitoring

During the project implementation phase, we support our clients in order to ensure control of deadlines using proven methods.


Carrying out complete Scheduling, Piloting and Coordination (SPC) missions, in the design and implementation phase for public or private project owners, project managers or companies


Mission of Assistance to Project Management in conduct of operation from the expression of the need until the realisation of the works.

GEneral contractor

We offer our clients global management services for their projects to ensure smooth and reliable progress.

Scheduling, piloting and coordination (sPC)

The mission SPC (Sheduling, Piloting, Coordination) has two main goals.

Plan the progress of the project and ensure that deadlines are met.

Coordinate all stakeholders and their actions to ensure the smooth running of the project.

The pilote is the conductor.


Study phase

We work in close collaboration with the project management and the subject mastery by participating in all the necessary meetings, to soak up the content of the work and constitute the consultation schedule.

We actively participate in the proofreading of all the documents where all the time management and penalty clauses are indicated, as well as the conditions for site management by the companies.

Works phase

We are systematically present at all site meetings. We are used to even animate them, because this is part of the pilot’s duties. This animation adjusts with the operational manager.

In addition, we go to all the meetings where our presence is naturally necessary, or simply desired by the contracting authority or the project management, whether they are : 

  • internal meetings with site stakeholders,
  • meetings with external interlocutors (contracted services, representatives of public authorities).

Weekly site meetings are supplemented by additional site visits during the week, the frequency of which varies according to the progress of the work. In general, this frequecy develops as follows :


  • during the earthworks and structural works phase, an additional on-site visit is scheduled on average during the week.
  • Between the end of the major work and up to three months from the end of the construction site, an average of two addtional site visits are planned during the week.
  • During the last three months, until delivery, an average of three additional site visits are planned during the week, to which are added the specific needs for monitoring the RPO and lifting of reservations.

In Project Closure and APM Phase

We make sure that the file is properly closed, particularly with regard to the collation of DOE and DGs. And we remain at the disposal of the Project Owner throughout the year of perfect completion to assist it and coordinate all necessary interventions, if necessary.

ASSITANCE for project management (APM)

We carry out project management assistance missions along the following  lines :

Assistance in project preparation : definition of needs, refinement of objectives, definition of means to be implemented, definition of time objectives, assistance in establishing budgets

Assistance in the project management teams (advice in the constitution of project teams, assistance in the constitution of project teams, assistance in the search for the necessary specialists, assistance in the constitution of consultation files, advice in the selection of agents)

Assistance in the conduct of the project (analysis and comments on the various documents produced by the project teams, planning and monitoring the progress of the project, general budget monitoring of the project, participation in all the meetings of different projects)

Assistance in closing the project (analysis of all the actions to be taken to close the project, assistance during the reception and commissioning phases of the project, assistance in compiling the entire final project file, assistance in financial closure of the project)

Each mission is specific according to the expectations of the project owner and the type of project to be managed. We precisely adapt our services after a detailed analysis of the project with the client.

general CONTRACTor 


In the context of projects with tight deadlines or to meet the client’s wish for overall management,
A2I International operates « turnkey » as a general contractor. For this type of contract,  we provides both a project management mission (design and implementation monitoring) and a general contracting mission through overall management of contracts with construction companies and suppliers in charge of execution of works.


We offer our customers global management services to ensure a smooth and reliable progress in order to guarantee the following points : Quality of implementation, Quality of human relations, Budget compliance, Respect of deadlines.

These services are designed to bring our know-how to each phase of the project :

  • Analysis of needs and definition of objectives
  • Choice of project management teams
  • Project studies
  • Choice of project implementation teams
  • Project implementation
  • Reception and delivery of the project
  • Project closure


Our services are structured to ensure cross-functional management of projects, in order to guarantee fluidity and optimized efficiency in the process.